Art Buyer Introduction 2021 (full version)

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Video | 3 comments

I worked with a good friend Rip Noel, from Noel Studios, Inc. We wanted to create a couple of promo videos to introduce clients to my new website/gallery and promote my new direction back to the fine arts after my 30 years of commercial photography.

We approached my friend , Khyaam Haque, an amazing musician and Co Partner with Circa Recordings.  Christo Downs is Co-Founder and Creative Director. I wanted a beautiful background track to the image presentation and Khyaam’s music is perfect.

The video you see below is the full version.  (A shorter version was also released that has some different pictures. You can view it by clicking here.)  It is directed toward art galleries, interior designers, architects and private collectors.


  1. Ralph Hovanec

    Gary, looks great!

    • Gary Heatherly

      Thank you very much !

    • Gary Heatherly

      Thanks so much. I am really happy to get it up and running. I think Brian really did a great job with the design that we collaborated on and it is built in a way we can continue building on this foundation.


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