Big Ears – Music of The World Hosted Yearly In Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

I have been photographing Knoxville’s annual Big Ears Festival for over a decade. The past two years had to be canceled because of the pandemic but will return in the spring of 2022. I am friends with the creator and producer of this world recognized festival that lasts for four days and nights in eight or more unique and personable venues in walking distance in downtown Knoxville. The number and range of musical legends are mesmerizing. I donate my images to the festival as a thank you for bringing this quality of music to our lives and also send photos to specific bands and artists I have chosen to photograph each year as a thank you to them and memories of their time here. It always becomes a spring vacation for me to spend these four days and nights with total immersion in the music that I love and capturing the visual memories of this celestial event.

I keep my gear down to a tight package and pace myself a bit more precise and slower than my youthful days of music festivals.

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