Soaring With the Birds

We are always looking to the sky for beauty and imagination. During my 30 years of commercial photography I would take aerial photos from fixed wing small aircraft and helicopters. In the latter years of my commercial work, I began to use drones. They can be used as an extension of our tripods to get a low level and more intimate view from the air. We are sharing the view and dreams of birds. I fly anywhere from 10 feet to 400 feet and this gives a wonderful view of sunsets and sunrises. These images were taken from a DJI Mini 3 Pro. This aircraft uses a mini Hasselblad camera that can be rotated for vertical or horizontal formats.

I love the ability to fly for up to 30 minutes per flight and get images that are difficult to get from the ground. The images of the fog were exceptionally exciting. I rose up through the low ground hugging fog and lifted out of it around my maximum allowed altitude of about 400 feet.

I sometimes work with these images in post production to add some artistic liberties to the natural beauty like swirls in the clouds.


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