Spring (Abstract )

The spring season also tends to bring out time for creativity and imagination. As I have mentioned, I was a fine arts student in college and this has formed a strong foundation to my photographic art. After more than 30 years in commercial photography, I feel liberated to get back to my world of imagination and bring a hybrid form to my photographs. I sometimes start with the realism of the photograph and work in reverse in the direction of painting or lithography.

I sometimes use post filters to bring out dynamics like swirls and movement. This can be accomplished by using the camera as a paint brush. The camera is a tool , like a brush and it can be spun and dragged during a longer exposure to convey time and dreamlike themes.

I also do a large number of in camera double exposures. I prefer these to be done at the same time and general location of the intended final visual statement. They sometimes take on a spiritual feeling of transcendence and quantum multi-verses. I am a big fan of the possibilities of quantum entanglement and multiple realities. The blend of dreams and reality all are part of the “blender” of human existence.


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